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Myofunctional therapy

  Do you or your baby have any problems swallowing? 

Myofunctional Therapy


What is it about?

Myofunctional therapy aims to treat children or adults who have atypical or dysfunctional swallowing, that is, when the tongue does not assume a correct position on the palate.

This is caused by improper functioning of the tongue muscles.
The tongue is set low and pushes forward against the teeth, obstructing the upper respiratory tract. Abnormalities due to swallowing affect the perioral muscles and postural muscles.


What does it mean to have incorrect swallowing?

  • The normal amount of air is not inhaled through oral breathing.

  • It can cause snoring, disturbed sleep.

  • Pushing the tongue on the teeth causes open bite problems.

  • We tend to suffer from tonsillitis and adenoid problems.

  • Accumulation of mucus in the nasal cavities.

  • Tendency to suffer from otitis and sore throat

What is the cause of incorrect swallowing?

  • Short lingual frenulum

  • Incorrect use of pacifiers and prolonged thumb sucking

  • Trauma to the hyoid bone.

Myofunctional therapy rebalances the patient's tongue, lips and jaw muscles.

The tests that are carried out are the Myometer (instrument that measures the muscle tone of the cheeks, lips and tongue), fluorescein (analyzes the type of swallowing) and the dynamometer.

What does myofunctional therapy involve?

The therapy consists in exercising lingual muscles, in fact some exercises are performed in the Studio which must then be replicated at home.


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Myofunctional therapy:

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