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Removable dentures

Movable dentures and different types

What are mobile dentures and what are they used for?

Mobile dentures are used to replace or repair natural teeth, restore chewing function, and improve smile aesthetics.

They can be: total (they are not anchored to anything), partial (there are teeth or implants in the mouth to anchor to), combined (it is a mix of fixed and removable) or overdenture (clip on root).

Dentures can be made of different materials: resin, composite, or ceramic.

Movable dentures

Replaces missing teeth.

Advantages of dentures

Aesthetic, functional, economical, time-saving.

The types of removable dentures


Why a removable denture?

  • A removable prosthesis is cheaper than an implant-prosthesis operation, i.e. insertion of prostheses on previously inserted implants.

  • No surgery is required.

  • It can be obtained quickly.

  • It is easy to clean.

Why avoid removable dentures?

A removable denture is less stable in the mouth.

Over time it can lose stability, creating discomfort to chewing and any remaining teeth.

The bone in the mouth can also thin out and the denture loses its grip.

Re-fitting (relining) of the denture is necessary approximately every two years.

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The types of removable dentures