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Cutting-edge tools for faster, more efficient care. Learn about the technologies at the Andriolo Center.

Technology at the service of dental care

Centro Andriolo has in-house diagnostics, meaning we have equipped our practice with all those tools that allow us to save time without ever affecting quality. Digital tools are also a valuable ally for prevention, because they allow us to keep track of the state of the mouth in its entirety and, associated with hygiene sessions, are the primary means of prevention.

Intraoral scanner for digital dental impression

Intraoral scanner

Find out how to reproduce a 3D image of the dental arches with the intraoral scanner.

DIAGNOcam for monitoring caries


Find out how to detect caries through transillumination with DIAGNOcam.

3D printer for dental models

3D printer

Find out how fingerprints are turned into resin models with a 3D printer.

ORAL ID dental instrument

Other digital instruments

Find out how to diagnose, detect and treat various diseases with digital tools.

Digital orthopanoramic for mouth condition

Digital orthopanoramic

Find out how to examine the general condition of the mouth with orthopanoramics.

3D Cone Beam CT scan to monitor the odonto-stomatognathic system

3D Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

Find out how to investigate the situation of the entire odonto-stomatognathic system with 3D Cone Beam CT.

Phosphor X-ray system

Phosphor X-ray system

Find out how to obtain radiographs with a low dose of radiation with the phosphor X-ray system.

Dental laser

Dental laser

Find out how to decrease sensitivity and eliminate gum inflammation with the dental laser.

Microscope for dental operations


Learn how mycorsope makes interventions less invasive.

Gnathological dental instruments

Gnathological instruments

Find out how to intervene to improve and resolve postural issues with gnathological tools.

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