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Dental whitening: a bright summer with a sparkling smile

Summer is here and the desire to feel confident and comfortable with a bright smile is natural. The smile is the most impactful element of our expression, it influences our confidence and the impression we leave on others. That is why it is important to take care of it and make treatments to make it bright.

Bright summer with white teeth

Tooth whitening for a perfect smile

Dental whitening: what is it?

Tooth whitening is a dental treatment that aims to lighten the color of teeth, making them whiter and brighter. It is completely painless.

What does tooth color depend on?

Tooth color is determined by the combination of two dental tissues: enamel and dentin. The transparency and luster of enamel allow the natural shade of dentin to reveal itself. Dentin can vary in color, with shades that can be white, yellow or gray. It is the color of dentin that mainly influences the external appearance of teeth.

Some factors that negatively affect 'yellowing of teeth:

  • Coffee, tea, red wine, carbonated drinks, acidic fruit juices;

  • Cigarette smoking;

  • Treatment of antibiotics;

  • Fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries;

Types of teeth whitening: what are they?

There are three types of teeth whitening treatment; it will be the doctor's responsibility to follow and advise you in this choice. The professional one in the office, the home one or the combined one.

Professional dental whitening in the studio

  • Professional studio tooth whitening: whitening involves the application of a gel using peroxide-based bleaching chemicals that may or may not be enhanced by any light sources (laser or led lamp).

  • Dental whitening during hygiene (click): is applied at the end of a regular oral hygiene session and is effective immediately after just 10 minutes of photo activation with a led lamp. Due to its low peroxide content, it does not require any gingival protection.

Home dental whitening

  • Masks: are professional, customized and custom-created whitening treatments. After professional hygiene is performed, an impression of the arches is taken and once ready they are delivered along with the gel. The template, which will be worn for 4-6 hours a day or for the entire night, will be filled with the whitening gel that contains the PF (Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride) formula.

Combined professional teeth whitening

  • Professional studio treatment is combined with home treatment.

Tips for maintaining a perfect smile

Here are some key points to keep your teeth white and bright for longer:

  • Brush teeth at least three times a day;

  • Limit intake of foods and drinks that stain teeth;

  • Floss at least once a day;

  • Use a straw when you want to drink sugary drinks;

Take care of your smile

There is no better time to wear a bright, white smile in preparation for your summer vacation. Contact us and schedule an appointment to get the perfect smile.


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