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Gnathology and Posturology

Do you have jaw pain? Do you suffer from headaches and neck pain?

What is gnathology?

Gnathology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the function of the mandible, temporomandibular joint (muscles, menisci, tendons), masticatory and postural muscles, and tooth gear.

What is gnathology

Studies the function of the jawbone.

Gnathological examination

Data collection on jaw function.

Who needs it

To those suffering from bruxism, headaches, snoring, neck, postural problems, teeth grinding.

How it is treated

Bite, orthodontics, occlusal elevations, postural elevations.
Multidisciplinary treatments.

Symptoms to be evaluated

The most common symptoms to evaluate with a gnathological examination:

● mandibular noises;

● difficulty opening and closing the mouth;

● bruxism or teeth grinding;

● uncoordination of the jaw;

● trauma;

● facial pain;

● headaches;

● dizziness and sense of unsteadiness;

● neck pain;

● postural problems: hernias, low back pain, myalgia;

● shoulder and leg pain;

● gastro-intestinal problems;

● visual impairments.

Thus, gnathology has the task of preventing and/or treating the dysfunctions that might be generated by these symptoms.

Who is the gnathologist

The gnathologist is the dental specialist who deals with gnathology. His or her purpose is to identify and set up the most appropriate therapeutic paths to resolve present disorders by going to the primary source, also in collaboration with other specialists. Comprehensive diagnostic pathway is the primary resolving tool.

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The instruments in the office for diagnosis