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Dental whitening

Does tooth whitening have contraindications? Does it hurt? Yellow teeth, what to do?

What is tooth whitening?

It is a painless treatment that allows people to lighten and change the color of their teeth.

What tooth color depends on

Tooth color is given by dentin, the tooth tissue just below the enamel.

Enamel is responsible for the transparency and shine of teeth.

Why teeth become yellow

Teeth yellow from excessive consumption of certain foods and drinks that contain natural dyes, such as wine, coffee, tea, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.It also depends on normal aging and wear of enamel. Smoking or being subjected to antibiotic treatment can also affect tooth color change.

Why whitening

Making teeth white and shiny, restoring teeth to original beauty.

Duration of the session

60 minutes.

Maintaining white teeth

Follow good hygiene.

Does bleaching hurt?

It is painless.

Sbancamento dentale a Vicenza dentista specializzato

How to whiten teeth?

The active ingredients used for whitening are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, materials applied in gels, which can be used in different ways depending on the colour shade of the patient's teeth. The gels destroy the colour pigment molecules, but the substances do not affect the enamel, dentine and gums.

What types of bleaching?

After the visit, the dental hygiene session and agreeing on the expected result, you can decide on treatment in the practice, at home or a combination of both.

The illuminating treatment

is carried out during the dental hygiene session using a low percentage of carbamide peroxide (6%), gives an immediate brightening effect, but is less intense and long-lasting than bleaching. It is considered the first level of whitening, a first test before professional whitening. It can be a 'pampering', a self-care treatment.

In studio

a specific hydrogen peroxide-based gel is applied, the effects of which can be speeded up using LED lamps or lasers. It is a painless treatment that lasts about an hour. Normally one session is sufficient.

At home

customised masks are worn, one per arch, and whitening gel is applied inside.

Both trays must be worn for 4/6 hours a day or overnight for 10/15 consecutive days.

They must be refilled with gel every day before wearing them. It is important to take care of them according to the instructions provided by the hygienist.

The masks have a good lifespan and can be reused over time as needed. It is sufficient to stock up on the gel in the practice.

To achieve good results in less time, whitening can be carried out in the surgery and then continued at home with the trays. In this way, an even continuous effect is achieved over time.

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How to keep teeth white longer after whitening?

Following good habits will help keep your teeth bright and color longer:

  • good oral hygiene: brush teeth three times a day and floss, at least once a day;

  • avoid foods and drinks that can stain teeth (e.g., coffee, chocolate,.);

  • do not smoke.