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Bone regeneration

What is it? When is it needed? How does it work? What are the benefits?

What is bone regeneration?

When there is insufficient residual bone to place an implant, Guided Bone Regeneration, medically called GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration), is used. GBR is an augmentation of bone and even gingival volumes necessary to insert titanium posts (implants), which will be the roots of fixed prostheses.

Bone regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration. Bone volume augmentation.


Bone resorption following extraction or traumatic tooth fall.


Functional, biological, aesthetic.

Rigenerativa ossea a Vicenza dentista specializzato

The cause of bone loss

The alveolar bone is an extremely spongy type of bone, which brings nourishment to the teeth and allows masticatory loads. It is functional to the presence of the tooth, and, if extracted, the bone resorbs quickly and three-dimensionally. The gingiva, which covers the bone, follows the resorption by adapting.

The bone continues to shrink, decreasing in quantity. As time passes without intervention, the reduction may affect other anatomical structures, such as the alveolar nerve and/or the maxillary sinus.

Causes of bone loss can be:

  • traumatic tooth loss;

  • extractions;

  • periodontal diseases (pyorrhoea);

  • peri-implantitis (infections around existing implants);

  • protesi mobile portata per lungo tempo;

  • traumi.

The surgery

The procedure involves the insertion of bone grafts to restore the biology, functionality and aesthetics of the area. It can be done horizontally or vertically, depending on the need to increase thickness or height.

X-rays, CT scans and impressions provide the state of the art to construct the perfectly modelled, customised titanium grids that are surgically inserted into the space to be regenerated. Inside the grid, the person's own bone and synthetic composite is inserted.

After about 8 months, thanks to the regenerative capacity of the human body (osteoblast cells), the bone reforms.

The grid is then removed and the implants can be inserted.

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The benefits

Restoring bone shape and volume allows implants to be placed.