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Sports dentistry

How oral health affects sports performance

What is sports dentistry?

Sports dentistry is a branch of dentistry and gnathology that prevents trauma to the masticatory system (teeth, muscles, bones and nerves) in sports, amateur or competitive activities.

It prevents injuries and improves performance.

What it is

Study the correlation between the jaw and posture.
Sports dental examination.

Who it is aimed at

To those who participate in sports activities.

How to intervene

Multidisciplinary treatments.

The functions of the sports dentist

Scientific studies show how the condition of the oral cavity of athletes can influence their performance during activity.

It is important to check early on as children, if anatomy and function are in line with the state of health and do not present problems. This allows a rapid remedial intervention that guarantees orderly growth, avoiding intervention in adolescence or adulthood.

It is possible to intervene and resolve at any age stage.

Sports dentistry:

  • prevents and treats orofacial trauma;

    prevents and treats overload injuries and wear and tear of the musculoskeletal system;

    improves performance in contact sports;

    improves muscle reactivity.

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The Bite

The splint is a device made of biocompatible material (resins or silicone) tailored to the person (custom-made) that allows the correction of mouth closure, seeking the "therapeutic position," that is, the optimal situation in which performance is increased and the risk of injury is decreased.

Types of splints