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Children's dentist

Who is the pedodontist?
What can he do for my children?
How does the first visit work?"

Who is the children's dentist?

The pedodontist is the dentist who deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the mouth of children, from the first months of life to adolescence.

His goal is the prevention of lesions caused by caries through proper oral hygiene education, proper nutrition, detection of early chewing disorders, and, most importantly, doing so with the cooperation of the young patient.

The pedodontist wants to establish a special relationship with children, through an emotional journey and behavior appropriate to the age of the young patients. He must be perceived as a friend, not as a medical figure to be afraid of.

Upon arrival at the office, the children meet Gino the Tooth and Tufty. It is these two puppets who accompany them in their discovery of their own mouths and how to take care of them. Children can interact with the puppets, become "dentists" and treat them, so they become familiar with tools and therapies.

A different, child-friendly way to make treatment a time to be experienced without stress and fear.


Children's Dental Doctor.

What does

He teaches how to prevent and treat the most common dental conditions.


With a playful approach appropriate to the age of your young patients.

First visit

Generally at 1 year or when the first tooth comes out.

How to make children understand the importance of dental care?

It is good practice to treat the child as an adult and, as he or she grows up, to explain to him or her clearly what pathologies (diseases) he or she may be prone to, the correct prevention to avoid the formation of caries, and the importance of oral hygiene at home and at the dentist.

The appointments should be seen as an opportunity for play and stimulation, because the aim of his paediatric dentist is to make his teeth grow strong and healthy, all in close cooperation with his parents and the hygienist.

When to take your child for the first visit to the dentist?

It is advisable to make the first appointment with the children's dentist when the first tooth appears or when the child turns one.

Only after this first visit will the dentist be able to schedule future appointments. Generally, in the absence of caries, visits are twice a year. It is good practice to schedule appointments every visit.

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What happens during the first visit?

First: let's get to know each other better and figure out together what we are going to do.

Let's start with a gentle examination of the mouth, looking for any early signs of dental problems, to assess a possible future risk of developing caries. Assessing risk is a good help in preventing the onset of carious lesions and avoiding future fillings.

We understand together how to maintain your child's oral health: what foods to prefer, eating habits, and what oral hygiene practices can help prevent tooth decay.

If treatments, such as fluoride, are needed, information will be provided on what they are, why they are recommended, what they are used for.

Let's not neglect good and proper oral hygiene at home as well: together we will find out how to effectively clean and brush teeth.

And then, if necessary, let's schedule the next visit!