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Conscious sedation

Never fear the dentist again. Treatment without trauma. No more anxiety at the dentist

What is conscious sedation?

It is a technique that helps keep anxiety or fear of the dentist under control. It allows you to approach dental treatment in a pleasant and relaxing way, while remaining alert and conscious at all times.

There are two different approaches and/or techniques:

  • conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen;

  • intravenous conscious sedation.

Using conscious sedation allows us to be in control of the person's vitals at all times, giving and giving us security and peace of mind. It allows people with medical conditions to avoid decompensation.

It is recommended for those with history of heart disease, high blood pressure, those taking specific medications.

It is useful for children's care, because it allows the dentist to be a positive, playful, painless experience, allowing them to gain their trust right away. It allows for a smoother post-operative course, with reduced side effects (less swelling, pain, etc.).

What it is

A technique to decrease anxiety and fear during treatment.


Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen.
Intravenous conscious sedation.

What it is used for

Through anxiolysis (medication administration) creates a state of well-being.
Allows for a relaxed approach to the surgery time.

Sedazione cosciente a Vicenza dentista specializzato

What is conscious sedation with Nitrogen Protoxide and Oxygen?

It is an operative technique that combines psychological and pharmacological methods.

Before starting, it is important to reduce the person's anxiety through simple, direct verbal communication that explains what operations are to be implemented.

The medication used is a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen in high percentages.

The mixture is administered through a custom-made rubber mask, the 'courage mask for children', placed on the person's nose. Once the person's psychophysical well-being has been achieved, the actual dental session can begin.

Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen is reversible at any time.

What is intravenous conscious sedation?

It is an operative technique that combines psychological and pharmacological methods.

A first dose (pre-medication) is administered by mouth about an hour before the intervention. Then the second dose (drug titration) is injected intravenously until the optimal state of well-being is reached.

Continuous monitoring of vital parameters allows us to operate with maximum safety.

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Who does it serve?

  • People who have to undergo a long and/or complex procedure.

  • People who are afraid of the dentist and are generally anxious.

  • People who are at risk due to past medical conditions.

  • Peple on medication.

  • Children (conscious sedation with Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen only).