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Impegno per la CSR a Vicenza (Creazzo)

Commitment to CSR

We are responsible to the people, the community and the environment in which we work.

Medici odontoiatrici a Vicenza (Creazzo)

Towards people

We believe in training as a tool for growth, not only at work but of the 'person' as a whole.

That is why we guarantee continuous, clinical and extra-clinical training to increase decision-making responsibility and result orientation. We want our people to grow and together we plan personal development and career plans.

We apply the value of legality in our dealings with our people, because we believe it is honest to pay fair compensation for work done.

Safety at work is our priority. All our people are trained and provided with the appropriate PPE for their job. Our goal is 0 accidents.

Inclusion and gender equality are established goals.

Towards the community

We prefer partnerships with local companies. We believe that price is not the discriminating factor for a healthy relationship, but rather the sharing of values and principles. And this is what we seek and demand from those who work with us.

We support associations and schools because we believe that our future starts here.

We take action to guarantee free care for people with severe hardship.

Dentista con bambino a Vicenza (Creazzo)
Rispetto per l'ambiente a Vicenza (Creazzo)

Towards the environment

We are a circular firm and try to reduce our footprint on the environment as much as possible through virtuous actions and behaviour. 

Thanks to photovoltaic panels we produce clean electricity, which makes us XX% independent and allows us to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We treat incoming water with specific lamps to reduce the bacterial load. Once used, the water is conveyed into IMOF tanks. After treatment, it is readmitted for industrial and agricultural use.

We have air recirculation to maintain optimal atmospheric conditions inside the studio without odours that may create nuisance.

All waste produced by the studio (gloves, masks, capes, etc.) is disposed of following good recycling practices.

Special waste is sorted by type in specific containers and disposed of in accordance with the law, long before there was any obligation to do so.

Around us we have planted many trees, because green is also good for the soul.

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