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Digital Smile Design

A beautiful smile, always. How to have a beautiful smile.

What is digital smile design

It is a solution to create the person's new smile from photographs of the face using 3D technology and digital impression.

The person's physical parameters are then evaluated taking into account mathematical metrics of aesthetics: facial type, lip shape, shape and color of current teeth, age. With the use of specific software, a "true" image of the final result is processed: the new smile.

Using silicone templates and a precision resin, the mock-up is made and provisionally applied to the teeth to achieve the simulation. It can be kept for a few days so as to better evaluate the result. After the mock-up, the final fabrication is done.

It is a procedure applicable in all cases where it is necessary to evaluate the expected results first, in surgery, orthodontics and prosthetics.


Dental veneers, invisible braces, accommodation and treatment of full arches with or without implants.

What it's for

Straightening teeth, having a beautiful smile at all ages, restoring teeth to their original beauty.

What is Dital Smile Design

Solution that allows you to create the new smile.
Valuable help for the smile.

Denti perfetti con il Digital Smile Design a Vicenza dentista specializzato

The importance of a beautiful smile

A smile is a person's first calling card. Smiling opens the soul and instills serenity. It is an expression of total well-being.

A beautiful smile is given by the correct relationship between teeth, gums and lips, in harmony with each other.

Even with the mouth half-open one should catch a glimpse of the four incisors, which together with the others naturally form the classic "smile" sign. When you smile you also show the other teeth and sometimes even a small part of the gingiva that plays a very important role in the whole.

Aesthetic dental veneers

Aesthetic dental veneers are the best solution for those who have teeth that are also healthy but broken, chipped, worn, with pigmentations that cannot be treated with teeth whitening. Or simply for those who want to have a brighter, more communicative smile.

They are very thin glass-ceramic foils that are applied to the surface of the teeth with a biocompatible adhesive that bonds them perfectly.

Veneers perfectly solve aesthetic needs for shape, color, size and length of teeth.

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Invisible braces: a new noninvasive orthodontic technique

Consistent use of a series of custom-designed templates, made from a nontoxic clear polymer, allows teeth to be realigned.

The trays are customized and should be replaced about every 10 days or as directed by the doctor, because each tray contains the right information to gradually change the position of the teeth.

Accommodation and treatment of full arches with or without implants