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Teeth cleaning and prevention children

Prevention is better than cure!

Oral hygiene and prevention children

Prevention is better than cure! That is why we advise parents to schedule their children's first dental visit very early, when they turn one or when their first tooth comes in. Accurate and timely oral hygiene helps prevent future tooth decay, diseases of the supporting tissues of the teeth (gums and bone) and bad breath.

Oral hygiene

This is important from a very young age.


Brush teeth after every meal.


Educating your children about proper oral hygiene.


Avoid too many sweets and foods high in sugars and starches.


The dentist is a friend; cleaning teeth is a wonderful game to play together.

Prevention and correct habits

To have healthy and strong teeth, it is important to:

  • brush them at least twice a day and after every meal;

  • follow a proper diet;

  • schedule oral hygiene sessions in the office.

In this way we can prevent:

  • tooth decay;

  • gum disease;

  • halitosis.

Cleaning teeth at home

Let's use the right toothbrush

The first "good habit" to teach babies is proper oral hygiene, using the right toothbrush and fluoride-based toothpaste. We brush teeth at least twice a day, the optimum being after every meal.

We clean toddlers' teeth with a gentle toothbrush, and up to the age of one year we use a water-soaked gauze, which, placed on the index finger, will serve to gently clean teeth and gums before bedtime.


Flossing is used to clean the narrow spaces between teeth, removing plaque where the toothbrush does not go. As soon as they reach manual independence, we teach children how to floss properly.

Hygiene sessions

The pedodontist will be the one to recommend hygiene sessions in the office, based on the age and needs of the child.

Brushing teeth: a game for health

It is very important to make your children understand that brushing their teeth thoroughly and regularly, after every meal, is a valuable aid in keeping them beautiful and strong. A healthy habit that is also fun, if approached in the right spirit!

Follow our tips and getting children to brush their teeth will no longer be a stress, but just a lot of fun!

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The importance of proper nutrition

A healthy and varied diet must contain balanced carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fiber, vitamins and minerals to develop proper growth. Often, due to lack of time or to suit children's preferences, there is a tendency to "splurge a little" on foods rich in sugar (soft drinks, sweets, candies, chocolates, etc.).

Sugars are the key element in the development of tooth decay because bacteria feed on them to develop the acid that initially demineralizes the tooth and subsequently leads to the formation of caries.

Let's try to:

  • limit sugar consumption;

  • eat balanced meals;

  • drink plenty of water;

  • chew well and for a long time.

In-office hygiene sessions