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Le Tecnologie

Other digital instruments

ORAL ID dental instrument

What is watch pat

It is an innovative digital tool for Polysomnography, the examination to diagnose snoring-related conditions.

The watch pat can also be used for diagnosis in children.

When the data are within the average range, a treatment of choice, that is, the best possible therapy to treat the disorder, can be implemented. If, on the other hand, the data exceeds the average, other specialists, particularly the otolaryngologist, pulmonologist, and dietician, must be consulted to determine the correct course of action.

What is it for

With Watch pat, it is possible to take the exam at home instead of traveling to a hospital facility.

Quando si usa

You wear Watch pat before bedtime, following the easy instructions provided by the study, and overnight the device records data that are then downloaded the next day and basis for diagnosis.

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Other digital instruments

Oral ID

This is a laser technology instrument that can detect any pre-cancerous lesions in the oral cavity (cheeks, tongue, throat).

Its special light deeply explores the suspected lesion, highlighting abnormalities in the underlying tissues.

If a suspicious lesion is found, it is then directly biopsied in the office and sent to the laboratory for histological examination.

It is a quick prevention tool that avoids wasted time and dispels doubts.

Glycine Mectron

Dedicated dental hygiene clinics are equipped with specific machines that combine scaling and air-polishing and use glycine and erythritol, two components to remove stains and perform under-gum cleaning very gently.

A very good result is achieved by experiencing less discomfort during the hygiene session.


  • They offer precision and efficiency

  • They improve the quality of dental procedures

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