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Invisible braces

Do you want to align your teeth? Do you know about invisible braces for adults and teenagers?

Invisible braces for adults and adolescents

Do you think your teeth are misaligned, crooked, or crooked? Today, in both adulthood and adolescence, the use of invisible braces can improve function and aesthetics, confidentially, while keeping your self-esteem and social relationships intact.

What invisible braces are used for

Combines the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment with aesthetic requirements.

What is invisible braces

A series of transparent templates for tooth alignment.

For a good result

Continuous and regular use, precise and consistent oral hygiene.

Invisible braces: a new noninvasive orthodontic technique

The constant use of a series of custom-designed templates made of a non-toxic transparent polymer allows the teeth to be realigned.

The virtual simulation makes it possible to visualise before treatment begins what the future displacement of the teeth and the expected result will be. The orthodontist can thus monitor the progress of the treatment and the person can see his or her future smile.

The templates are customised and need to be replaced approximately every 10 days or according to the doctor's instructions, as each template contains the right information to gradually change the position of the teeth.

The benefits of invisible braces

Why use transparent masks:

  • they are invisible;

  • they are effective, comfortable and painless;

  • they are removable: to be removed during meals and especially at the time of daily oral hygiene;

  • they allow better daily oral hygiene, compared to fixed appliances.

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For an effective result

The use of invisible braces requires a lot of perseverance: they need to be worn at least 20/22 hours a day for them to be effective.